Video: Ethan Diess is a snowboarding machine – Down to hop fences, use his blow torch in the middle of busy cities, whatever it takes to get the shot!


Snowboardermag just released a radical uncut edit of Ethan Deiss, aka @lostfurby, check it out, and then go straight to iTunes and download the whole movie. Filmed By John Cavan, Jon Ray, Trent Ludwig, Derek Weimer, Jon Stark, Naoki Utsumi, and Justin Eels. Music By Jason Bayne.

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Video: Based on Nintendo’s Metroid game series, this short film follows a bounty hunter’s confrontation with space pirate raiders!


Video: Police called at 4:40 in the morning after cheeky lads dress up as traffic cones and run amuck by blocking south west London city streets!