Video: The drivers guide to being Australian – When it comes to rev limit bashing insanity, Charles’ 870hp RX7 cannot be beaten, and shout out to the homie repping Shock Mansion in the 560hp Datsun!


These insane cruising ‘hoon’ sessions from Performance Car Mania held at Winton Raceway are out of control. If you love big boost, burnouts and an absolute disregard for your engines lifespan, you’re gonna love this. Footage includes turbocharged Datsun’s, Ford’s, Holden’s, Mazda’s and more. Charles’ Mazda RX-7 is one of the wildest rotaries we’ve seen at the track. Power comes from a Promaz bridge ported 20B triple rotor engine and boosted by a Garrett GTX42R turbo running on methanol fuel and backed by a Jerico 5-speed gearbox. It’s a f**ken animal, and Charles is pure skill and entertainment. Shout out to the homie repping SM too, respect.

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