Video: Red meat crayon passing on the left! – And this is what a crotch rocket traveling at a white knuckle 200mph looks like on the highway, did you see him coming?


Cop to rider’s mother: Ma’am your son was involved in an accident, we collected his remains using this sponge. Basically 200mph = around about 97 yards a second. This motorcycle is going fast enough to nearly clear a football field length within a second. If someone were to abruptly cut in front of him, his reaction time would have to be super-human, the only way for him to come out of it unscathed would to be to predict that that person would cut him off a few seconds in advance. This man has testicles made of titanium carbide.

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Video: This is why women live longer than men! – French dude gets towed 80kph/50mph by a car, riding a toboggan dinner plate on a frozen over lake!


Video: Do you love cowboy boots, belt buckles and brain damage? – Then watch these country boys have a swing, ending in one being KO’ed into another f**ken dimension!