Video: “I’d never fought, or even seen a man that big before” – The 6’9″, 190kg Mountain from Game Of Thrones, has a training session with 5’9″, 65kg Conor McGregor!


This may just be some sparring, but it’s definitely entertaining to watch. UFC fighter Conor McGregor recently found himself an interesting sparring partner—Hafthor Bjornsson, aka “The Mountain” from Game of Thrones. To perfectly describe the matchup, it was a 5’9″, 65kg fighter up against a 6’9″, 190kg Strongman. The Mountain seems like a class act too. Just having fun and not taking it seriously, no ego involved. Im pretty sure he could snap Conor in two if he felt like it. Imagine if this guy was a BJJ black belt and had world class striking. We’d all be f**ked, no question.

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