Video: Scotty Cranmer revisits ‘The Ramp’ – Drops some heavy clips, separates his shoulder, and pops a blood vessel in his eye just to remind everyone this sh*t ain’t easy!


The first in a six part series, Scotty Cranmer gave the newly revamped ramp it’s first go. As always, Scotty comes through with some heavy clips, but nothing came easy…he worked for nearly every clip up until a slight miscalculation had him flying into a wall, separating his shoulder and popping a blood vessel in his eye, as well…

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Video: Surveillance footage has surfaced showing a biker shootout that resulted in 9 dead and 177 arrests in the Texas!

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Video: His video game score is off the charts! – Skater does the longest primo manual recorded on film, calls it the “coconut wheelie”!