Video: Bros for life – Brave Swedish hunter doesn’t hesitate risking his own life to rescue his dog after it becomes trapped in a freezing lake during a moose hunt!


Rocky, a four-year-old laika-elkhound cross, had rushed out across Lake Constance in hot pursuit of a moose he and his owner, 26-year-old Jonas Lundh, had been stalking for hours. The beast escaped, but Mr Lundh became concerned when Rocky failed return. “I looked at my GPS (and saw) they were near the water, near the shore. So I began to run back toward the beach, for it had been cold at night and there may be situations with thin ice.” Indeed, Rocky, all too eager to please his master, had raced out onto glass-thin ice, only to fall through and become trapped just metres from the relative safety of the island the moose presumably fled to. “It happens every year that dogs are drowning on the ice,” Mr Lundh said.

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