Video: “Dude this car is scary as f**k!” – Matt Farah sh*ts his pants in Bisimoto Engineering’s terrifying 1000HP air bagged minivan and their psychotic 1000HP Porsche 911!


You might ask what does a Porsche have to do with a Honda Odyssey? Fair question. In this case it’s Bisi Ezerioha. Better known as the founder of Bisimoto Engineering, the maker of insanely powered and wildly engineered Porsches. Bisi prides himself on making very unique creations that remain reliable. Take his ’76 911 Carrera. It weighs only 2400 lbs, yet makes 1000hp from a twin turbo charged M96 3.0 litre engine. So, what do you do if you want a Bisimoto creation, but want to take the family along? How about a 1000+hp Honda Odyssey?

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