Video: “Who the f**k is Honey Cocaine?” – Plagiarism is taken seriously on the streets, female rapper gets exposed for stealing lyrics, gets expelled from the hood!


Damn, she should have just owned up to it. That dude that ran off doesn’t just leave the crowd and come back. He runs indoors and then who knows where? Did he go and tell some people she just got roasted? Did he realise he was late for class? Meanwhile, that other kid is going to be a scientist, he called her out and confirmed it with fact.

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Video: Hey ladies, my servers never go down, but I do – Thermaltake knows what it takes to sell a keyboard, sucks in horny teens with awkward dancing girls during tech show!

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Video: Groom gets cold feet and calls off wedding, bride’s family donate their $35,000 wedding reception for 120 people to feed the homeless!