From Supersonic to Hover: This Is The F-35B Fighter Jet!

The Marines’ version of Lockheed Martin’s F-35 can take off, hover in mid-air, and land vertically. But it’s not a helicopter, it’s a supersonic jet fighter, albeit one with some absolutely unreal capabilities.

The F-35B has just finished flight testing aboard the USS Wasp off the coast of Virginia. The Wasp may look like an aircraft carrier, but it doesn’t have a launch catapult or arrestor gear. This aircraft, however, cares not a jot for such trappings, and by swiveling its main engine downwards and engaging a giant fan just behind the cockpit, it can provide enough thrust to hover and land vertically.

When fully loaded, the F-35B can’t quite lift off vertically, but its swiveling engine and fan augment its lift enough that it can take off in an extraordinarily short distance. See all of these tricks for yourself in the video below…

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