Mark Wahlberg Makes His Friend Eat Wasabai & Drink Tabasco

It started out fine: Mark Wahlberg visited “Jimmy Kimmel Live” Wednesday night to talk about his upcoming business venture, a burger joint named “Wahlburgers.”

He spent a large chunk talking up his his chef brother, Paul, who Wahlberg described as the most talented member of his family. But then things took a disastrous and pretty gross turn.

Welcome Nacho, Wahlberg’s neighborhood friend. He is dressed like a “well conditioned athlete;” there’s a towel draped behind his head and a beaded gold crucifix laced between his fingers. Nacho’s challenge was to eat two balls of wasabai and drink three cups of tabasco sauce.

This is not the first time he’s done something like this at the behest of his famous friend. According to Wahlberg, it started when he paid Nacho to eat sticks of butter then progressed the shell of a lobster and the bones of a steak.

His rear end will be burning tomorrow. Watch the hilariousness after the jump.

Oh, before I forget, as an added bonus watch Mark’s new trailer for Contraband while your there, it’s looks rad!

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