Great White Shark Pictured in San Diego Stalking Surfers!

A terrifying photograph shows the moment a Great White shark was spotted in a wave in Encinitas, California – just a few feet away from completely oblivious surfers.

Gary Elliott, a passer-by who took the picture on Wednesday was convinced he had seen a shark – and the claim has now been backed up by marine experts. ‘It looks pretty clear to me,’ Mr Elliott told CBS8. ‘It doesn’t look like a surfer. It’s not the silhouette of a board.’

The claim was initially disregarded by lifeguards at the beach. Robert Veria said the photograph had, in fact, captured the moment a surfer duck dived into the wave with his or her knees bent.

But marine experts have since confirmed that the picture is most likely to be of a shark. Ralph Collier, from the Shark Research Committee, told CBS8: ‘In my opinion, we are looking at the tail end of an animal that is… 10 to 12 feet, maybe a little more.

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