Shock Mansion Interviews Joel Madden

Shock Mansion: What’s up Joel, how are you?

Joel Madden: Good man, how are you?

Shock Mansion: Yeah I’m really well thanks dude. To kick this off, can you give us an idea of what a normal day in the life of the Madden Brothers is like when your on tour?

Joel Madden: Usually we are on some kind of tour bus, you get up whenever you get up and depending on what kind of night you had depends on what you need to do that morning. Shower, find a bathroom, finding coffee on tour can be a little bit of a challenge sometimes. Me and my brother train a lot, we have been doing that for the last 2 years so we’d get up every day and train. We’d run, hit the pads, boxing and that kind of stuff. Usually after all of that it’s the evening and we start to get ready for our show, have a drink or something, eat and hang out and get ourselves into show mode. After the show, party all night.

Shock Mansion: What did you do to put food on the table before your music career took off?

Joel Madden: I worked pretty much any job I could, I lost a lot of jobs because I was always having to take off with the band for shows. I’ve painted houses, landscaping, I worked in shipping and receiving unloading trucks for big bookstores like Borders. That was pretty much the worst job I’ve ever had. I remember when I was working that job I would show up to work at around 7am, work til 4pm and then go straight to another job, waiting tables, that was the shittiest time of my life. For some reason the bosses I had were really hard on me, but hey, whatever. Back at that time me and Benji were living in an apartment together, we were trying to not only pay rent, but help our mom a bit, pay for the band and record demos, shit like that.

Shock Mansion: Sweet, just hustling to get by. Let’s talk tattoos. You’ve got some rad pieces, do you currently have a favorite piece and do you both have any plans for more?

Joel Madden: Yeah, my favorite right now is probably my back piece, I’ve been working on it for the last year and a half. It’s the Maryland flag, where I’m from. It’s a really cool rendition of the flag. My tattoo artist is Grant Cobb at Spotlight Tattoo on Melrose Ave. It’s a really good old school tattoo shop. They have really great artists, Bob Roberts and his sons, and everyone else that works there, really good artists. But Grant actually started in D.C. at this place called Jinx Proof which is near where we grew up and Ive been friends with Grant for the last twelve years. He made his way as a tattoo artist and has become well known in the states. It’s cool to see your friend do so well. He did my back-piece and that’s my favorite right now.

I’m planning on getting my chest done as soon as I get the time. I want to get a rocker on my stomach and my hands and neck tattooed later on. Maybe after I get married and stuff you know.

Shock Mansion: You gotta look good in a suit for the wedding photos right?

Joel Madden: Exactly, so maybe in a couple of years I will graduate to the hands and the neck. I dunno if I will do my face. Benji has a couple on his face but I dunno if I will ever get there.

Shock Mansion: We get asked about face tattoos a lot as well, it’s a controversial thing but hey, each to their own.

Joel Madden: Yeah, when I see people with face tattoos, I think cool, to each his own. For me, I haven’t gotten that inspired yet for my face, maybe one day I’ll come up with some great ideas. I think sometimes maybe I would shave my head and get that tattooed because then I can grow my hair back. That in itself is still a big commitment so who knows.

Shock Mansion: For sure dude. Cardiology the new album is expected for release on 29 October in Australia. What can we expect from this one?

Joel Madden: It’s Good Charlotte, so if you like Good Charlotte then you’ll like it, if you don’t you probably wont haha. You know, pretty straight forward. This record has something from every record we’ve ever done. It’s weird, it’s a combination of all our records over the last ten years. There’s parts like our first records and then other parts are a continuation from our last record so yeah, definitely a little bit of everything.

My favorite songs are a lot of the album tracks that have the classic Good Charlotte lyrics and stuff our fans are going to really dig I think.

Shock Mansion: How’s your clothing label DCMA going?

Joel Madden: It’s good man, the label always been a bunch of our friends working on it. We are just a part of a bigger group of guys working on it. A lot of the guys are part of a really amazing graffiti crew, Seventh Letter, who are some of the best graffiti artists in the world. They are involved in designing the clothes. It’s just fun and it’s not a huge amount of work for us. It’s more like a bunch of dudes hanging out.

Shock Mansion: A question we ask all our guests, if you were homeless, what would your cardboard sign have written on it?

Joel Madden: “Money, Please”.

Shock Mansion: Haha, maybe it should say “Cardiology 29th October”.

Joel Madden: Haha, no it would be “Money, Please. Don’t worry, I will have fun with it!”

Shock Mansion: Haha! A zombie infection is sweeping across America, what would be your weapon of choice to fend off the brain hungry monsters?

Joel Madden: I used to be a really big gun guy, I had a lot of guns. I got rid of all my guns when I had kids though. But I had some great guns back in the day. I had a pistol grip shot gun, I had an AK47 with a banana clip. Crazy guns! Now I just have my favorite gun I’ve ever owned, my Glock 9mm Model 26.

Shock Mansion: Hell yeah.

Joel Madden: I actually have a…well, the clip I have for it is not actually at my house because it’s illegal but it’s a 33 round clip so it sticks out the bottom and looks like an Uzi clip. If you can’t hit something with 33 shots, you shouldn’t own a gun.

Shock Mansion: Hahaha…classic!

Joel Madden: Glocks are my favorite, you could bury them in mud and come back in ten years and put them together, they still work.

Shock Mansion: You guys are well traveled, is there one place in the world you have traveled to that you suggest we visit?

Joel Madden: In Australia you guys have places close to you like Bali or places in Asia, they can be really fun. Honestly, being from America I know its boring for you guys but I tell everyone to go to Australia. Gold Coast, Melbourne, there’s something for everyone here and for us it’s the best place you can go to on a direct flight and be a million miles away from home and kinda do whatever you want. If I was going to tell an Australian where to go, it depends if it’s a girl or a guy, but for a guy, Eastern Europe, like Sweden is really beautiful and has beautiful women and great food.

Shock Mansion: Sounds amazing. Where can fans find more information online about your movements?

Joel Madden: Twitter is always a good one with me @JoelMadden and @BenjaminMadden is my brother, and Good Charlotte also has a Facebook and Myspace which is connected to our website but our twitters are updated daily.

Shock Mansion: You’ve given us some really awesome collaborations. Who is your ultimate musical collaboration, dead or alive?

Joel Madden: It sounds weird but I’ve always loved Andre 3000 from Outkast. They don’t seem to be making music anymore. I know that Big Boi has a record coming out but I haven’t heard of anything from Andre in a while. He would be on the top of my list. Then probably some old soul artists like Sam Cook, Louie Armstrong or someone like that, kinda weird but I love that old soul and Motown.

Shock Mansion: Awesome dude, we appreciate your time, good luck with the new album and if you’re in Brisbane get at us. Cheers.

Joel Madden: Yeah man for sure, later homies.

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