The Mansion Girls – Vanessa James

Shock Mansion: Thanks heaps for you time, how have you been?

Vanessa James: Awww your welcome :) I’ve been super!

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Shock Mansion: Fill us in on Vanessa James, what do you do and how long have you been doing it?

Vanessa James: Well, I’m a button counter…haha, just kidding! I work part time for Axtion Magazine, it’s an action sports magazine. Model and Act full time. Play the drums and work on my clothing line whenever I get a min. I guess that’s what I do in a day, in a nut shell.

Shock Mansion: Do you like guys with ink?

Vanessa James: Love it :)

Shock Mansion: So what does turn you on?

Vanessa James: A guy that smells good and humor.

Shock Mansion: When going out on the town do you prefer a G-string, French panties or nothing at all?

Vanessa James: Haha what are french panties? I’d go for a G-string. Going commando is too weird, haha.

Shock Mansion: What are you most likely to be seen drinking at the bar?

Vanessa James: Jack n’ Coke <3

Shock Mansion: What’s your hangover cure?

Vanessa James: NOHO the Hangover Defense (best ever) and works :)

Shock Mansion: Are you a girl that aims to please, or be pleased?

Vanessa James: Ive always aimed to please ;)

Shock Mansion: If you could fill a swimming pool with anything in the world, and swim in it, what would it be and why?

Vanessa James: Candy, cause then you could eat and swim, lol.

Shock Mansion: You’ve got some nice pieces of art; do you have any future plans to get under the needle again?

Vanessa James: Well I was just in a few days ago for my back. I probably have like 3 or 4 sessions left and then my back will be complete YAY!

Shock Mansion: What influences you to get tattooed?

Vanessa James: Nothing really, I just really like the art of it.

Shock Mansion: Do you reckon you look better from the front or rear?

Vanessa James: Hmm, I think the front :)

Shock Mansion: You’re a gorgeous looking girl, what does it take for the guys even girls out there to pick you up?

Vanessa James: As long as you have a sense of humor, aren’t hard on the eyes, a barrel of fun, confident, and sweet. I’m all yours.

Shock Mansion: Have you ever done a nudie run or some kind of public display of naughtiness?

Vanessa James: That I haven’t haha.

Shock Mansion: If you were homeless, what would your cardboard sign have written on it?

Vanessa James: PBR PLEASE?!

Shock Mansion: Have you ever been to Australia? We make a wild bunch of tour guides, you down?

Vanessa James: Shit yeah, where do I sign?

Shock Mansion: Can you fill us in on any future projects/work you have on the horizon?

Vanessa James: Diamond in the Rough Clothing (shameless plug) hehe my line, getting the new stuff out, Yay, a rad commercial for JVC, and a trip to NY.

Shock Mansion: Cheers! We wish you all the best.

Vanessa James: Aww thanks so much for having me apart of Shock Mansion, you guys are awesome. xo

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