The Mansion Girls – French Doll

Shock Mansion: Thanks heaps for you time, how have you been?

French Doll: I am very well thank you, I hope you’re all the same.

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Shock Mansion: Fill us in on Fiona Bergson, better know as French Doll, what do you do and how long have you been doing it?

French Doll: First I am impassioned of tattoo since I was 17 years (my first tattoo). I live my career with my boyfriend (tattoo artist: Oly Anger) and I am “model freelance” when I have the time, but that more often becomes being given the proposals interesting than one makes me.

Shock Mansion: Do you like guys with ink?

French Doll: It is not a criterion but the tattooed men (the different people) always attracted me.

Shock Mansion: So what does turn you on?

French Doll: My projects of career, Tattoos (of course), music, guitar, my friends.

Shock Mansion: When was the last time you drove well over the speed limit?

French Doll: Every days :)

Shock Mansion: What are you most likely to be seen drinking at the bar?

French Doll: Always what I want, I do not have any restriction but always with moderation.

Shock Mansion: What’s your hangover cure?

French Doll: Coke and burger :) It is my solution to all the problems.

Shock Mansion: Ever broken any bones?

French Doll: Yes once, by trying a skateboard. But it’s ok now, I ‘m better.

Shock Mansion: If you could fill a swimming pool with anything in the world, and swim in it, what would it be and why?

French Doll: hamburger! Playstation games and John Ashford shoes.

Shock Mansion: You’ve got some nice pieces of art; do you have any future plans to get under the needle again?

French Doll: Certainly! I began my left arm with Jack Ribeiro, there is 1 years and I still want other tattoo by him. Oly Anger must tattoo me the leg and in few months which come, I want to take appointment with Jon Clue, Joshua Carlton and Gogué.

Shock Mansion: What influences you to get tattooed?

French Doll: My tastes and the art of some tattoo artists.

Shock Mansion: Do you reckon you look better from the front or rear?

French Doll: I don’t know :) You tell me.

Shock Mansion: You’re a gorgeous looking girl, what does it take for the guys even girls out there to pick you up?

French Doll: Thank you! I can say you must be natural and yourself with me.

Shock Mansion: Have you ever done a nudie run or some kind of public display of naughtiness?

French Doll: Never.

Shock Mansion: If you were homeless, what would your cardboard sign have written on it?

French Doll: Love me :)

Shock Mansion: Have you ever been to Australia? We make a wild bunch of tour guides, you down?

French Doll: Never, but it is planned for soon!

Shock Mansion: Can you fill us in on any future projects/work you have on the horizon?

French Doll: I am moving in Canada in two weeks for open a tattoo shop with my boyfriend and I will become the official distributor on the American continent (Flash and sketchbook) of a French awesome artist and much other artist and i make some magazine tattoo covers this year. You will see that soon!

Shock Mansion: Cheers! We wish you all the best.

French Doll: Greetz you too!!

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