Shock Mansion Interviews Koby Abberton

Shock Mansion: (Dialing Koby)

Koby Abberton: (Phone Message Bank): Don’t leave a message, I won’t listen to it. Write a text. “Beep”

Shock Mansion: (Dial’s Kobe again)

Koby Abberton: Hello?

Shock Mansion: G’day mate, how are ya?

Koby Abberton: Yeah, pretty good thanks mate!

Shock Mansion: First up dude, we appreciate the time you’ve given us. We know you’re busy as hell so cheers for chatting with us! How’s your day been?

Koby Abberton: No worries bra, my days been good!

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Shock Mansion: We wanted to hook straight into a topic we hold close to our heart, getting tattooed. Can you tell us a little bit about your tattoos, what you’ve got and how far are you planning on pushing it?

Koby Abberton: Tattoos aren’t really that much to me, the only dad I ever knew was my mum’s boyfriend. He had tattoos all over his body and his face so that probably had something to do with me getting tattooed. I guess it kinda gets handed down from the parents, as far as the people I see. In Maroubra all of us are pretty covered.

Shock Mansion: Yeah we noticed a lot of your mate’s are pretty heavily covered.

Koby Abberton: Yeah, definitely, probably 90% of them are all covered in tatts. I pretty much just grew up around it and you know, I just love it.

Shock Mansion: Do you run with the same artist these days or do you collect work from different people?

Koby Abberton: Nah, we’ll I’ve found that I travel all year round, and have basically put a tattoo on a different part of my body from a different country. The funny thing is I don’t even mean to do it. When I look at my tatts, my neck tatt was done in Sydney, my chest (My Brothers Keeper) was done in Bali, my arm was done in Germany.

Shock Mansion: What is it on your hand? We noticed you had it done.

Koby Abberton: That’s the Anzac, lest we forget tribute. My granddad went to war, I just think it’s a great thing people do for our country. I’m not an army man myself but I have respect.

Shock Mansion: You don’t see too many heavily tattooed surfers among the top guys; We asked Mick Fanning if he though it was due to long healing periods out of the water. What do you recon?

Koby Abberton: That’s definitely true; a lot of surfers these days are soft little fags. They are worried about what the general public will think of them, my generation as a contest surfer, we didn’t give a f**k. These days it’s really taken on mainstream.

Shock Mansion: What’s your favorite alcoholic drink at the moment, and what helps you get through a hangover the next morning?

Koby Abberton: Umm, I’d have to say I’m a scotch drinker. And the best thing to get over a hangover in the morning is another scotch. That’s normally my style anyway. I’ve actually been drinking a bit of white wine now days to tell you the truth.

Shock Mansion: White wines huh?

Koby Abberton: Yeah the cheap white wines. I just like going out and drinking it with girls and that.

Shock Mansion: Gives you a bit of sophistication mate…

Koby Abberton: I dunno about sophistication when its worth five bucks a bottle *laughs* It looks the part and tastes alright. Oh, and it’s a leg opener so f**k it. *laughs harder*

Shock Mansion: Having traveled the world, besides your home town, where is the one place you always love returning to?

Koby Abberton: Ahh, I liked L.A. until I got deported. But, I’d have to say Tahiti. The people are really cool, I love the whole atmosphere, you just go there and it’s just surfing. It hasn’t been taken over by the night club culture so much. It’s one of those things where you go surf, you come in, you drink your beers, you eat your food, go to bed and do it all again tomorrow. A big thing is that it hasn’t been affected by ICE like a lot of other Polynesian countries have at the moment. So basically it’s a great place.

Shock Mansion: With the success you have earned over your career, as a kid I’m sure you’d have dreamed of some wild purchases, have you ‘bought’ any of those dreams to reality?

Koby Abberton: I used to own about 5 houses and four cars and all that stuff. But then I got in trouble and lost all of it. I thought about it for a while and just figured it all pretty superficial anyway. You wake up everyday worried about a bill, to tell you the truth I’ve kinda grown out of it all. I just wanna live and have a good time and worry about the day.

Shock Mansion: Atom bombs are falling! Top 3 things you want to do before we are all toast?

Koby Abberton: Find the c**t who done it and bash the f**k out of him for starters.

Shock Mansion: *Laughs*

Koby Abberton: I’ve done everything else, I’m happy with me.

Shock Mansion: Outside of surfing you’re obviously a business minded person. How is your clothing line ‘My Brothers Keeper’ going?

Koby Abberton: Yeah ‘My Brothers Keeper’ is really cool, at the moment we are having a hard task of taking it away from the Bra Boys. It actually ain’t a Bra Boys brand at all. When we first started the movie people put the clothing on for no other reason other than they thought it was my line of clothes and that I gave it to all of my friends. It’s killing it overseas but in Australia you’ve got your lovers and haters of Bra Boys. I don’t really mind though. Australia is such a small market compared to what I dream of. I just want everyone to know, that everyone can wear it you know what I mean. I sell in 100 surf shops in Australia and 100 other shops in Australia and if it was a Bra Boys label it wouldn’t be there. It’s going great, I’m really happy with it.

Shock Mansion: Good to hear dude, the other thing we heard was your tossing the idea of a reality TV show around? Anything you can comment on?

Koby Abberton: To tell you the truth I think someone else tossed that around.

Shock Mansion: Oh really?

Koby Abberton: Yeah I don’t know where that came from. I’ve always had meetings with people and I always listen to their ideas but after the Bra Boys thing I not to sure how much I’m into the whole reality TV guy thing. We’ll just wait and see what people come up with, and if an idea pops up that I want to do, and I can control it, then I might do it for sure.

Shock Mansion: If you could teach one person in the world to surf dead or alive, who would you have paddle out beside you?

Koby Abberton: Johnny Cash! Any day of the week! All day Johnny! I love him in his black suit, I’d have him paddle out in that too! Drinking scotch and whiskey on the beach with him.

Shock Mansion: A zombie infection is sweeping across Australia, what would be your weapon of choice to fend off the brain hungry monsters?

Koby Abberton: I’m more of a Vampire lover, I’m a fan of Twilight so I’d just get Edward Cullen and the Indian and f**k shit up.

Shock Mansion: *laughs* Best answer yet.

Koby Abberton: I’d bang his misses and f**k s**t up with him.

Shock Mansion: That’s gold, count us in! If you were ever homeless, what would your cardboard sign have written on it?

Koby Abberton: I’d been homeless for a long time when I was young. Umm, my cardboard sign would say “25ers Here!” No, make that, ‘The best 25’ers in Sydney, come get em!” Cause that’s how I f**ken made it happen.

Shock Mansion: Can you tell us about a sketchy shark encounter you’ve had in the water?

Koby Abberton: I was in Tahiti last year and I was diving and shot a giant Trevally. It was about 4 or 5 kilo fish and I put it down my pants. It wasn’t like they were big sharks, just reef sharks, but all of a sudden there was 150 of them. I didn’t realize I was leaking blood, like I had my f**ken period. I was swimming away, leaking blood, I looked behind and there was a massive amount of sharks chasing me down.

Shock Mansion: F**k dude!

Koby Abberton: They were only great whites *laughs* Nah, just 3-4 foot reef sharks *laughs* but a f**ken s**t load of them. I pulled the fish out, and threw the fish away and by the time it left my hand it was already in pieces. Blood and guts all around me, I went straight to the boat and went in.

Shock Mansion: That’s so gnarly dude, got any shout outs?

Koby Abberton: Yeah I do wanna say there’s a big sale on at everything is half price coming into winter, get on there and have a look; I’d love everyone to wear it. Check out – MBK represent baby!

Shock Mansion: Thanks a heap for your time. We really appreciate it.

Koby Abberton: No worries, have a good one!

Bonus: Check out this older video of Kelly Slater and Laird Hamilton we ran into talking about their surf experiences with Koby Abberton. It’s a bloody good watch and shows you how good of a surfer he really is. Shreds!

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