Shock Mansion Interviews Yelawolf

Shock Mansion: First up mate, we appreciate the time you’ve given us. We know you’re busy as hell so cheers for chatting with us!

Yelawolf: Shiiiit… no problem homie – I’m siked!!!

Shock Mansion: It’s been said that you have looked up to artists such as Snoop Dogg, Three 6 Mafia, N.W.A., Ice Cube, Souls of Mischief, and more, do you think they shaped your style musically while skateboarding gave you your image?

Yelawolf: It’s safe to say that they all had a huge part in my development as an artist and as a person in general, but I’ll take the credit for creating my own image.

Shock Mansion: So for those out there that aren’t familiar with you or your music what was the deal with Columbia and Ghet-O-Vision? Are you still with them and if not what’s the deal now?

Yelawolf: Ghet-O-Vision is the family! My stay at Columbia was short, but extremely useful. I learned a life’s worth of lessons in dealing with major labels. I had the time of my life making records while I was there in NY with my homies, but Rick Rubin flipped the company to his liking and we uprooted as a crew and went back to the south, and cranked it up!

Shock Mansion: Where do the names ‘Yelawolf’ and ‘Catfish Billy’ come from?

Yelawolf: Yelawolf is Native American. My father is Cherokee and I’m from Cherokee county – Gadsden, Alabama. Yela represents light, the sun, power, fire, hunger and Wolf represents my ability to survive… my fierceness.

Shock Mansion: Your mix tape ‘Trunk Muzik’ is making noise in the hip hop scene; do we have an album to look forward to next?

Yelawolf: Absolutely….yeah man were working everyday on records, always workin’ at that next great moment in music. The world should expect to hear an album from me before the years up!

Shock Mansion: Pop the trunk film clip is dope, how do you feel about making music videos?

Yelawolf: The “Pop The Trunk” video is as real as it gets. Those are my parents, those are my people, those are my streets and my city. It represents me perfectly. Making videos should be as important to the artist creatively as the record itself. Actually you should try to out do your record visually.

Shock Mansion: What got you started getting tattooed? Do you have plans for any more?

Yelawolf: Yeah I’m into it heavy… I’m super personal about what I get tatted. Its gotta represent me or my culture specifically. I’m just getting started really.

Shock Mansion: What’s your favorite alcoholic drink at the moment, and what helps you get through a hangover the next morning?

Yelawolf: I’m drinkin’ Jack D and the best hangover cure is… there is none. A real hangover will hang your ass over til’ the next day. The only thing to do is get drunk again… but I ain’t getting drunk again no time soon.

Shock Mansion: Are you still skating much?

Yelawolf: Yeah I just skated last night at the Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory. I had a blast.

Shock Mansion: When you where skating where you on flow? If so do you still have an association with them anymore?

Yelawolf: Yeah my best friend Jon Newport linked me up with Jimmy Lennon from Element last year and Dewiit started sending me boxes, but I blew it and lost some banners they sent me. My homie Cullen Prythress set’s me up with every body. The Hundreds, Diamond, DVS, also Ruin Sk8 shop in ATL is a huge supporter. I got a board there.

Shock Mansion: What do you have to have in the kitchen cupboard/fridge always?

Yelawolf: Hot Sauce and Peanut Butter & Jelly in the cupboard. In the fridge, Milos Sweet Tea to keep me chill at the house and some RedBull to get me goin’ up out the door .

Shock Mansion: Who would be an ultimate person for you to collaborate with musically?

Yelawolf: Andre 3000 period!

Shock Mansion: A comet is about to hit earth and destroy everything, what are the last three thing you would want to do?

Yelawolf: Kiss the kids, make some sweet love to my lady and pray that that’s just a low flying plane.

Shock Mansion: What did you do to put food on the table before your music career took off?

Yelawolf: You talkin’ bout me? Dude, I’m still on the run way humbly, but I’m fueled up and ready to go though!!!

Shock Mansion: Got any shout outs?

Yelawolf: Aye Mom and Pop… great job in the “Pop The Trunk” video, y’all played killer killers!!

Shock Mansion: Thanks a heap for your time. We really appreciate it. Where can fans find information about your tours and buy your music?

Yelawolf: My MySpace page is the best place to get info on where I’ll be rockin:

My Twitter page is my random ‘minute by minute’ check in.

You can find me at: or just @Yelawolf


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