The Mansion Girls – El Wood

Shock Mansion: Thanks heaps for you time, how have you been?

El Wood: I’m just recovering from being ill and I have so much energy I have been running round the house in my pants practicing poses for my 2nd cover shoot this week! I’m so excited! I appreciate all the opportunities I get!

Shock Mansion: Fill us in on El, what do you do and how long have you been doing it?

El Wood: Well I part time model and study the rest. I’m doing specialist makeup in college. I hope one day I can do all the makeup for horror movies! I love gory special effects.

Shock Mansion: Do you like guys with ink?

El Wood: LOVE them! Guys with ink are very sexy.

Shock Mansion: So what does turn you on?

El Wood: Tattooed guys with cute accents, I love Oz and cockney accents! And I know this is weird but I love hands! Haha! Sexy hands and dimples and strangely guys who disagree with me. I love people with there own opinions who can teach me something new!

Shock Mansion: When was the last time you drove well over the speed limit?

El Wood: Oh I do not drive. If i drove I guarantee I would speed way to often and probably kill many people, I am clumsy!

Shock Mansion: What are you most likely to be seen drinking at the bar?

El Wood: JD and Coke! Or Jager bombs every time! I’m not into wine and drink most guys under the table.

Shock Mansion: What’s your hangover cure?

El Wood: Cider, toast and dancing!

Shock Mansion: Ever broken any bones?

El Wood: I got hit by a car once and broke my collar bone. I didn’t even cry. I’m pretty brave for a little girl ;)

Shock Mansion: If you could fill a swimming pool with anything in the world, and swim in it, what would it be and why?

El Wood: Champagne! Or stacks of pancakes and chocolate sauce that would be f**king messy!

Shock Mansion: What influences you to get tattooed?

El Wood: When I’m going through significant changes in my life that i want to always remember and sometimes I will just have a random dream about one and i wake up and think, that’s rad I want that!

Shock Mansion: You’ve got some nice pieces of art; do you have any future plans to get under the needle again?

El Wood: I’m still in the middle of getting my back piece finished its going to take ages! But I have an appointment to have my sleeve finished this year and I want more added to my ribs! I have too many ideas and not enough space so I’m trying to pace myself and think very carefully, but yeah I have big plans for the future.

Shock Mansion: Do you reckon you look better from the front or rear?

El Wood: Rear baby!

Shock Mansion: You’re a gorgeous looking girl, what does it take for the guys even girls out there to pick you up?

El Wood: I love guys who can relax and just be themselves. I think its really important to be able to laugh at yourself and just have a good time. If you can make me laugh your half way there! Intelligent guys are very hot and pretty eyes are a bonus, they make me a bit weak :)

Shock Mansion: Have you ever done a nudie run?

El Wood: Not full on nude, but I got drunk a while back and just ran to the local garage in my pants to get some food, peoples faces were interesting!

Shock Mansion: If you were homeless, what would your cardboard sign have written on it?

El Wood: Will dance for pancakes. P.S. I scrub up pretty nice.

Shock Mansion: Have you ever been to Australia? We make a wild bunch of tour guides, you down?

El Wood: I have been planning to for so long! I really want to go when i finish my course in 5 months. One of my friends is moving out there and me and my house mate want to go! Plus you guys as tour guides, well, It’s pretty much been sold to me! I’m so down!

Shock Mansion: Can you fill us in on any future projects/work you have on the horizon?

El Wood: In 2 days I am doing my 2nd cover shoot. This ones for Front my favorite lads magazine :) I also have a 3rd coming soon for a Tat mag hopefully! I have a lot of little projects I’m working on as well as some videos! I recently got to go to Paris to be in a music video! It was so fun.

Shock Mansion: Cheers! We wish you all the best.

El Wood: Thank you sweethearts, see you in Oz one day! xo

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