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Shock Mansion: G’day mate, how are ya?

Manny Santiago: Good Good, updating the blog!

Shock Mansion: Yeah rad, can you tell us a bit about your blog?

Manny Santiago: Yeah, things taking over my life! I was just always doing something so Tony over at THINK Skateboards was like, “I’m making you a blog” and I was like I’m down!

So I just saw it as something to keep everyone in skate boarding or anyone who liked our lifestyle updated in what was going on. As I kept doing it I told my self I have to update it everyday cause I didn’t want a blog where it was only updated once a week.

Also I saw it as an outlet for people that weren’t known and I try to help them out you know. I got Homie Hypes, Duck Hunts, Company Hypes….just go peep the madness!

Please visit:

Shock Mansion

Shock Mansion: Fuck yeah dude, we’ll check it out for sure. What’s your current board setup these days?

Manny Santiago: 8.0 Adrian Williams THINK Deck, Venture 5.25 Lows, 51mm Bachinsky Hubba Wheels, Lucky Bearing, Hardware, and Grip…. Also a mean sticker job!

Shock Mansion: What tunes have you been cranking while you skate around?

Manny Santiago: I’m down for everything, but late I been into Stevie Wonder. Mans got talent boy!

Shock Mansion

Photo: Mike Heikkila

Shock Mansion: How do you have fun when you don’t have a board under your feet?

Manny Santiago: Which is usually a never, haha. Take photos, wild out, but right now watching
the Boston Celtics kill the playoffs!

Shock Mansion: How did you get the name Manny Fresh?

Manny Santiago: I don’t know it was just a nickname you know, growing up everyone called me Manny, then I think its cause DJ Manny Fresh or maybe cause I’m fresh!

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Photo: Dan Zavlasky

Shock Mansion: Any video parts in the works at the moment?

Manny Santiago: Yeah right now im filming for the “Street Corner Video” it going to be Think Skateboards and City Skateboards into one and I’m working on the FAMOUS Skate video! First one ever…so I’m happy to be a part of that!

Shock Mansion: You are on a blind date; turns out she has a few loose screws. How do you escape?

Manny Santiago: Umm…tell her I have a bad case of diarrhea and I have to go handle that! Haha

Shock Mansion

Shock Mansion: What do you have to have in the kitchen cupboard/fridge always?

Manny Santiago: Milk, Goya products, Grape soda!

Shock Mansion: What type of shit do you have the most fun skating? Do you have a favorite spot at the moment?

Manny Santiago: Skating flat is my fav. Just pushing around doing tricks is such a great feeling.

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Photo: Jeremy Adams

Shock Mansion: A comet is about to hit earth and destroy everything, what are the last three thing you would want to do?

Manny Santiago: Sky Dive, Get drunk with all my friends, JUMP THE MEGA RAMP!

Shock Mansion: Cheers for your time Manny. We hope to see your name on a pro model sooner rather then later! Got any shout outs?

Manny Santiago: Haha maybe one day, Aight thanks for everything! Really appreciate your support. All my sponsors, Think Skateboards, Famous Stars and Straps, Venture trucks, Hubba wheels, Lucky Hardware, Grip, and Bearings, Pioneers Skate shop, DC Shoes…And ANYONE who has helped me along the way THANK YOU!

Shock Mansion

Photo: Dan Zavlasky

Shock Mansion would like to thank Famous Stars & Straps for hooking up this interview.

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