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Shock Mansion: What’s the most money you’ve spent on clothes?

Trisha Lurie: Okay this story involves Vegas, gambling, drunk shopping and one lucky little thief on a bike. I once won about 5 grand playing roulette and as you would have guessed, sitting at a table all night with ever flowing martinis left me one happy (drunk) girl.

In a quest to stop the madness and get out while I still could, I left the table and thought I would buy some gifts for my fam. Well, the vodka had a hold of me and the cash was burning a hole in my pocket, so I spent it all. Then the next day while at the valet waiting for my ride, I turned away for one second and some kid on a bike swooped out of no where and nabbed my bag with all my new shit! So lame. Cops couldn’t find the little thief. Easy come easy go.

Other then that I would rather spend money going to some island in search of a good wave or maybe a new guitar, however, I would never refuse a Gucci purse or whatever, haha.

Trisha Lurie Mansion Girl 13

Shock Mansion: When was the last time you drove well over the speed limit?

Trisha Lurie: About 20 min ago. Really aren’t laws meant to be broken? How else would the city have money to keep the streets paved?

Trisha Lurie Mansion Girl 3

Shock Mansion: What are you most likely to be seen drinking at the bar?

Trisha Lurie: Depends on the night. Sometimes it is silver tequila on the rocks, or a silver margarita but never gold tequila for me, that shit will actually kill me. I guess for me the nick name for tequila (to-kill-ya) is for a good reason. I should just stick to vodka, but that damn cactus keeps reeling me back in.

Trisha Lurie Mansion Girl 4

Shock Mansion: What’s your hangover cure?

Trisha Lurie: Before bed, I drink a whole lot of water, an emergency packet and get a head start with some Advil. If I still wake up under the cloud of a bad hangover I make myself drink more water and go get an organic fresh (beet, carrot, celery, ginger) juice and take some more Advil and sometimes I like to top it off with a cold shower.

Trisha Lurie Mansion Girl 5

Shock Mansion: Ever broken any bones?

Trisha Lurie: Well, I am more of a stitches kind of girl. I did loose my top front tooth in a surfing accident and have gashed my self pretty bad on reef. But, for the most part, I am lucky to not have broken more then a few toes, a few ribs, a few ankle sprains and a chipped collar bone.

Trisha Lurie Mansion Girl 6

Shock Mansion: You have got some amazing art work, what are some of your favorites and do you have any future plans to get under the needle again?

Trisha Lurie: Thanks! It is a good thing because it is pretty damn permanent. Most of my work was done by Jeff Thielman out of Ship Shape Tattoo in Cali. I don’t pick favorites, I love all my ink the same. Like Buddha would. Actually my favorite is always the last thing I had done. I have the itch for more ink right now. If I even get close enough to hear the machine and smell that green soap I am done for. I was just on an episode of CSI and the set was a tattoo shop. I spent all day in there and it planted the ink bug.

Trisha Lurie Mansion Girl 2

Shock Mansion: If you could fill a swimming pool with anything in the world, and swim in it, what would it be and why?

Trisha Lurie: At first I was going to say chocolate but then I thought after a while I might get sick, so maybe billions of glass balls that would feel really weird and tingly.

Trisha Lurie Mansion Girl 8

Shock Mansion: You’re a gorgeous looking girl , what’s the secret for those guys or even girls out there trying to get themselves a hottie what do you suggest they try doing to pick you up?

Trisha Lurie: The best way to come on to anyone is to be yourself, rock the confidence and have something interesting to talk about. If you are not passionate about anything well then you probably suck in bed, I am just saying.

Trisha Lurie Mansion Girl 9

Shock Mansion: Have you traveled much overseas? If so where is the most exciting place you have been?

Trisha Lurie: I try to travel as much as possible. My favorite place right now is Costa Rica, great waves, cool people and the rain forest. I would love to have a 2nd home there. It is a good place for me to relax, surf and write music.

Trisha Lurie Mansion Girl 10

Shock Mansion: Have you ever been to Australia? We make a wild bunch of tour guides, you down?

Trisha Lurie: Not yet but I have always wanted to hit up the gold coast. I would love to have a tour of Australia, when is good for you?

Trisha Lurie Mansion Girl 11

Shock Mansion: What has been your worst job?

Trisha Lurie: There was a time when I was living on Oahu I needed to make ends meet and took a few jobs, roofing, doing demolition and working with tile. That shit sucked! It was good to know that I was capable of handling it but I have nothing to prove. I will pass on the manual labor!

Trisha Lurie Mansion Girl 12

Shock Mansion: If you were homeless, what would your cardboard sign have written on it?

Trisha Lurie: ‘Show me the money…Let me help you, by letting you help me’

Trisha Lurie Mansion Girl 7

Shock Mansion: Can you fill us in on any future projects/work you have on the horizon?

Trisha Lurie: I am always trying to expand my horizons so hopefully there will be a lot more of Trisha Lurie out there, I do have a five year old to feed. I have been doing more TV and film in fact I just wrapped up an independent film ‘No One Remembers’ Directed by Pascal Payant that I star in with John Christian Harpster this week.

I also have a couple feature films in the works and hoping to drop some of my music on the scene this summer. I am focusing a lot of energy on Hosting TV as well, so you will be seeing a bit more of me doing all that stuff. I would like to have an eco-aware based show in development by this fall. Watch out now…I am on a mission :)

Trisha Lurie Mansion Girl 14

Shock Mansion: Cheers that sounds amazing; we wish you all the best!

Trisha Lurie: Thanks guys! Cheers!

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