Dustin Dollin interviewed by Shock Mansion


Piss Drunx member, Aussie skate icon, and a wild fucker to boot. Forgive us if we put Dustin Dollin on a pedestal above most. Give Dustin a board and a case of beer and expect to witness skateboarding that you’d only ever pull off yourself on an Xbox, probably using his character in the game anyway. We could go on endlessly about the cool shit he’s done, but we’d rather hear from the man himself. Kids take note:


Shock Mansion: G’day mate, what’s up?

Dustin Dollin: Nothin, just woke up. Bunch of cunts outside doing street work.

Shock Mansion: First up, what’s your favourite alcoholic drink at the moment, and what helps you get through a hangover?

Dustin Dollin: Double Jack with a splash or smash up some lime and mint, chuck in some honey, add 3/4 glass of Jamesons then some hot water.

As for a hangover. Morning fuck.


Shock Mansion: Besides your home town, where is the one place you always love returning to?

Dustin Dollin: Well my home town originally is Katoomba and I hate returning there, to many old friends are junkies.
At the moment I have a place in Sydney, a place in Melbourne, and a place in Hollywood.
But I love going to N.Y the most. But would never live in America.


Shock Mansion: How do you get around town, besides skating?

Dustin Dollin: In Sydney I got a 65 Falcon XP Wagon Hotroded up. A 88 Mercedes tinted rollin on 20s. In melbs I got a soccermum Lexus for the buisness. In the states I rent a caddy when I fly in. Last time I was there I smashed into a chick within an hour, bitch was goin to fast intersection totalled her car, but I always get full insurance. No time for slippin.

Shock Mansion: What do you keep in your pockets everyday?

Dustin Dollin: Wallet, phone, stoops question.

Shock Mansion: Dude, getting your stomach tattooed must have fucken hurt. Tell us a bit about your ink?

Dustin Dollin: Umm the one on my stomach was done by this chick Hannah in Coffs Harbour, she is amazing, she wanted to do another 1 and a half on the belly but the night before I had taken Tripstacy (ecstasy with acid in it) it was going around for a bit.


Shock Mansion: Atom bombs are falling, top 3 things to do before we are all toast?

Dustin Dollin: Kill somebody, eat peanut butter and honey on toast, try heroin.

Shock Mansion: Is there any video parts or pro models that haven’t hit the shelves yet that you could tell us about?

Dustin Dollin: Next year I got a new shoe on Vans called the Blue Mountain Edition I called it that cause if it make enough royalty cash im gonna get my mums out of there/the blue mountains.
I got a new board graphic its got the statue of liberty getting shot holding a machine gun.


Shock Mansion: Been to any music concerts/gigs lately? What are you listening to at the moment?

Dustin Dollin: Last Concert I went to was Ozzy, backstage bitch, I took K Osbourne out and got her wasted so she got me a ticket. But I listen to everything from Leonard Cohen to 3 6 Mafia.

Shock Mansion: If you can remember, what was your first experience with skating and your first experience with booze?

Dustin Dollin: First experience was bombing a hill on my bum next to my mum and she was standing with her feet together hang ten style down freeelander ave. Thanx mum.
Booze my mum use to make me catch the bus straight to the bar after school most the way through primary school her friends would give me drinks under the table. Thanx mum.


Shock Mansion: What’s the dumbest thing you’ve ever spent money on?

Dustin Dollin: I bought a five thousand dollar pinky ring. Then left it on the plane cause I was on downers.


Shock Mansion: What’s your final thought of the day, and any words for ya Aussie fans?

Dustin Dollin: Final thought, usually please let me get some sleep tonight. Aussie’s are the toughest humans around. This electrician, that was in the Vietnam War once told me that their squadrant of 10 took out twice as many as an American squad of 60. He showed me his bullet wounds and told me that he had just had surgery on his eye for shrapnel that had been in there for 30 years.

Shock Mansion: Cheers mate, drop us a line when your in QLD next and we’ll kick it.


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