Holly Valance Interviewed by Shock Mansion

Starting work early Monday morning to find a message in my inbox from Holly Valance is always a great way to start the week.

Holly has come such a long way from being the Melbourne born up and coming Aussie actress to stamping her name in the Hollywood scene and also landing roles in some of our personal favourites, Prison Break and Entourage.

As a side note, Holly is actually the first female we have had the privilege to feature on our blog. Bouncing between Australia and LA, we are so grateful she has put the time aside to talk with Shock Mansion.

Shock Mansion: Hows it going?
Holly Valance: Holy hell, what an introduction! Thanks! It’s going really well, just walked in from some LA gridlock which is my FAVE! not.

Shock Mansion: You must have a lot of fun traveling around acting and modeling, what’s a typical day in the life like?
Holly Valance: Mmm I’m getting to be pretty lazy right now in between gigs. I get up about 10am, stuff my face (I loves me some breaky) go over the days auditions as best I can. I’m in the car a lot because of traffic here and the place is just so damn big. If I’m a good girl I’ll get to the gym (but probably not) then wind up at my fave sushi bar with the gang downing sake saying how I should be at the gym. lol.
I used to live on planes, in airports and hotels so now that I’m focused on acting I get a lot more ‘home’ time.

Shock Mansion: We are about to buy you a drink at the bar, what would you like?
Holly Valance: I’d like a Chivas with a splash of coke thanks. But I’m trying to be good right now and switch to Champagne. It lasts longer and the way they poor drinks in the US it’s better to gauge how much you’ve had!!!

Shock Mansion: We read somewhere that you like a bit of kick boxing, ever had to kick someone’s arse?
Holly Valance: For legal reasons I’m answering no, ha! I started Muay Thai when I was 14, I guess I was angry. But i’ve tried over the years to keep it up. When I lived in the UK it was a real release for me being in a dirty sweaty gym with a bunch of rough heads who didn’t give a shit who I was and I could just focus on training. Now I probably watch more on tv than I do train, I hit the bag at the gym a bit just to check if I still can.

Shock Mansion: Can you fill us in on any future business projects you have on the horizon?
Holly Valance: In this town I don’t even know what I’m doing tomorrow. I’ve just started working with an incredible organization called MDRI Mental Disability Rights International, so we’re planning a trip to Serbia in June. That’s the kind of work that makes you feel like you’re actually doing something that matters. All this acting biz is a bit silly in comparison but it helps when I need to abuse my celeb rights to plug a good cause!!

Shock Mansion: What items in your bag cant you leave home without?
Holly Valance: My iPhone, we have a love/hate relationship but I’m screwed without it. My Paw Paw balm, good for all injuries on the road and looks glam on the lips. And my ID cos I always get carded when I go out here- which I hope never stops happening. It’ll be a sad day when it does.

Shock Mansion: Coming from a music background, and having chart topping hits what are you listening to at the moment?
Holly Valance: NAID is this cool Scandic producer who sampled a bunch of Indian tribes chanting and mixed it with an electro vibe. Kind Deep Forest meets BT. Was rocking the new Janet album for a minute but then I got over all the innocent/slutty interludes that waste my time. I really like ‘TV on the Radio’ right now too.

Shock Mansion: Can you give us your thought of the day, and any advice to people out there chasing a dream, whether it be acting, modeling or music?
Holly Valance: Keep things in perspective, take a breath and smile. Some days I still feel like I’m pushing shit up a hill but I think that’s the point isn’t it. The journey, not the outcome.

Shock Mansion: An asteroid is about to collide with earth, what would you do before the end?
Holly Valance: Do children read this blog??? No but really I’d gather up all my family and friends, fill glasses of Champagne, put my fave record on and dance our way to heaven.

Shock Mansion: What do you miss most about Australia when your not here?
Holly Valance: I really miss waking up in the night thirsty and being able to stick my face under the tap for some of that glorious Melbourne water. I miss the way fruit tastes like it’s meant to. I miss the crickets on a hot night. I miss the magpies waking me up in the morning singing. I miss bakery’s. Oh yeah and my family & friends.

Shock Mansion: Cheers for having a quick chat with us. Next time your in Queensland make sure you drop past and pick up some gear. All the best for the future!
Holly Valance: That was Rad! Thanks for having me!! xxx

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