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DJ Skee…the name is recognized around Australia almost instantly. Currently living in LA but makes music that reaches around the globe, he started off in radio at only 15 years old.

Skee has now, without a doubt stamped his authority in the music industry. He works closely with artists such as Snoop Dogg, Travis Barker, The Game and Kanye West just to name a few. He hosts Sirus Radio’s Channel 40 Hip-Hop nation’s top rated live from L.A program as well as the very well known show on Power 106 with DJ Reflex.

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Skee is a business man, that’s what he does best. Working with big name clientele such as MTV, Playboy, Universal, Motorola and Chrysler he is constantly on his marketing and music grind. Overflowing with talent and a hard work ethics this dude isn’t going anywhere. Most of us would be very hard pressed to do any of the projects he has done.

He runs an online lifestyle show also available on your mobile phone. He puts on his own annual car & lifestyle show, the Envy Expo, at the Los Angeles Convention Centre. It just goes on and on. If you are ever running low on inspiration, trust us, look no further than DJ Skee.

I couldn’t end this blurb without mentioning The Game’s ‘300 Bars’ that DJ Skee was behind. I must have played that classic 1000 times over. It is definitely exciting for us to be able to talk to the man behind it all…

DJ Skee and The Game

Shock Mansion: Hey dude, thank you so much for taking a moment to chat with us. We really appreciate it.

DJ Skee: No problem homie i love everyone down under!

Shock Mansion: Your lifestyle must be pretty crazy, is there a typical day in the life of DJ Skee?

DJ Skee: No! Up early for business, out late doing shows or in the studio… just a constant grind, but i wouldn’t trade it for anything…

Shock Mansion: Can you tell us about any future plans/mixtapes/shows etc of yours we can look forward to?

DJ Skee: Me and Snoop are about to drop something, working on a couple other big projects to come right around the summer… just really focused on expanding my brand… oh, and Skee.TV- we just closed a deal and now have the right team and money behind it to take it to the next level… everything we’ve done so far has been organically!


Shock Mansion: Have you ever been to Australia? If you haven’t, is there a possibility you might come and check out the scene here?

DJ Skee: I haven’t! I was supposed to a couple times but it didn’t work out with the promoters… i want to ASAP! Make it happen!

Shock Mansion: Is there anyone you recommend we keep an eye on from the Australian music industry?

DJ Skee: Theres a few cats ive been listening to, recently a lot of good dance and club electro music has been coming from Australia… i haven’t heard too much crazy hip hop though…


Shock Mansion: Do you think you’ll do any more mixtapes with Game? Or work with him again in the future? The combination of Skee and Game is guaranteed CLASSIC.

DJ Skee: Time will tell! His schedule is crazy like mine so we just gotta link up, but im sure you’ll see something….

Shock Mansion: What album/mixtape are you feeling the most at the moment?

DJ Skee: Man honestly music has really been boring me lately. Mixtape wise stuff is pretty weak, the last good one i heard, and im not saying it because it was mine, was the American Godfather. Album wise Snoop & Rick Ross got cool albums… ive really been listening to a lot of non hip hop stuff though recently. I love the Daft Punk Alive 2007 album that just came out a few months ago… crazy!


Shock Mansion: If you could interview anyone for SKEE.TV who would it be?

DJ Skee: Good question… we’ve had every rapper pretty much… id like to get into more political and world things, maybe with some of the candidates over here in the US Presidential Election (Bush is almost out!). Actually working on some of this stuff now…. stay tuned!

Shock Mansion: Your in a club packed full of hot women, what do you drink?

DJ Skee: Water! Only thing i ever drink is water and juice, no liquor for me….


Shock Mansion: If you could print anything on a t-shirt what would it be?

DJ Skee: Hmmm…. never thought about it, haha….

Shock Mansion: Thanks once again mate, we hope to see much more of you in the future especially in Australia and look forward to your new music ventures.

DJ Skee: For sure, i have to come out there soon! Thanks for all the support you all give me out there and hit me up and watch!

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