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Mathew Pritchard, you know him from MTV’s Dirty Sanchez, a talented skater and to put it bluntly, a crazy fucken man with a heart of gold.

When MTV first beamed Pritchard’s wild antics in Australia we couldn’t look away. In all honesty, half the time I was pissing myself with laughter and the other half cringing like I could feel his pain.

He has basically built a career on having fun, has had 3 TV shows and has traveled the world making a Dirty Sanchez movie with the rest of the crew. For that I salute him.

For those that haven’t seen the movie there is a famous scene that I had to mention where Pritchard takes 103 paint balls to his naked body. I couldn’t interview him without paying respect to that achievement. Enough shit talk, lets kick start the questions like only Pritchard does best, three…two…one:


Shock Mansion: G’day mate, how are ya?

Pritchard: Im cool dude, just chilling like Bob Dylan on penicilin.

Shock Mansion: First up, can you fill us in on your current projects?

Pritchard: Been really busy doing the Pritchard vs Dainton thing at the moment with a load of gigs and a clothing line plus where trying to get a Pritchard vs Dainton show which MTV are showing an interest in. I’ve also started my S. W. Y. D (Sleep When Your Dead) t-shirt range which will be launched soon. Apart from all the above still partying hard.


Shock Mansion: You shocked the world with your first movie, are we going to see a second?

Pritchard: I loved doing the first movie so much i’d love to do another one. If there is anyone out there that is willing to invest in Dirty Sanchez 2 then go ahead. Oh and by the way, we are doing a 3 week tour of Australia in April/May this year so look out for us.


Shock Mansion: You have pro skate shoes…fuck yeah! That must be exciting, can you tell us a little bit about them?

Pritchard: I’ve been riding for GLOBE shoes now for 10 years. The first 5 years of that i was the UK team manager for them plus i was skating loads too, then the Sanchez thing started and blew right up. I think Globe just capatalised on the success of the show along with my skateboarding backround and it worked. I’ve had 2 designs (designed by Nat Jones) the first of which was Globe’s number 1 selling shoe in Australia, Europe and the UK so i was really stoked. The third shoe (my 10 year anniversary shoe) is about to be released any day now along with a clothing range and accesories as per usual. Globe have been so good to me over the years it’s unreal.

Shock Mansion: Dude, your body takes a beating, how do you recover from that shit?

Pritchard: Party more hahaha. Im a big fan of keeping fit so i cycle, run, skate and go to the gym almost every day of the week if i aint working. I ran the cardiff marathon 3 months ago. I recon if you keep fit and look after yourself your body will heal quicker and the party will last longer. I’ve burnt the candle at both ends for many many years now and if i dont look after myself i’ll be 6ft under.


Shock Mansion: Do you have a secret hangover cure?

Pritchard: Drink more haha. I dont belive in hangover cures it’s all bullshit. You’ve got a hangover, deal with it. Fuck tablets and all these remedies just ride it out. Well, there is a remedy, just keep drinking but that will eventually take you to rehab and you dont want that as rehab’s for quiters.

Shock Mansion: You are on a blind date; turns out she has a few loose screws. How do you escape?

Pritchard: Stay with her cause she must be interesting if she’s that fucked haha. You could just laugh at it all night. I’ve gone home with ladyboys in my time and i didnt tell them to fuck off so a little few loose screws in a woman is nothing hahaha.

Shock Mansion: You seem to have more tattoos every time I see you, any new ones planned and do you have a current favorite?

Pritchard: I love tattoos and i wont stop getting them, im addicted to them. My fave is the one on my inside left arm that has my fave lyrics which are “You know im gonna loose and gamblings for fools but thats the way i like it baby i dont wanna live for ever” Ace of Spades by Motorhead.


Shock Mansion: You are very well traveled, where is your favorite place to skate besides your home town?

Pritchard: I’d have to say San Fransisco. I went there when i was 24 with all my mates and it was just amazing. SF was the place to go then too as it was always in the vids so i got to skate EMB, Hubba Hideout, Forte Milley etc etc. What i’d do to go back to that time in skateboarding and that holiday. I learnt a lot on that trip and i came back with a lot of confidence in my skating.

Shock Mansion: One of the Crooked Crew has passed out; the cameras are recording, what should we do?

Pritchard: Gaffer tape dildos to his hands for sure, gaffer tape his legs up, paint his face black with gloss paint, then piss on him hahahahaha.


Shock Mansion: Global warming is about to destroy planet earth, what are your top 3 things you want to do before the end?

Pritchard: Do most of the tricks Danny Way’s done…spend a night in a hotel room with Angelina Jolie, Paris Hilton and Britney. Angelina for the looks Paris for the hotel and Britney for the party…ride a motorbike at 200mph over a jump and see how far i go haha.


Shock Mansion: In ending, can you give us your thought of the day, and is there anything you would like to say to all your Aussie fans?

Pritchard: WHERE HERE FOR A GOOD TIME, NOT A LONG TIME. S. W. Y. D – SLEEP WHEN YOUR DEAD. I’d like to thank Globe for just being amazing to me, Nik at Death Skateboards, Brad at Indy Clothing and everyone who has helped me get to where i am today, you ROCK. Thanks to everyone in Australia who’s bought my shoes and who have turned up to our gigs. See you again this year. PARTY!

Shock Mansion: Thanks heaps for your time mate, appreciate it. When you make it out to Australia it would be sick to go for a roll with you. Cheers.

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