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It was late on Monday night when I got the message. ‘Dude call me asap!’ Thinking something was wrong I was straight on the phone, Tommy Lee dude said an excited voice, get the questions ready now, he just messaged, lets make this interview fucken great! 10 minutes later I found myself back at work, Redbull in hand, wondering where on earth to start when it came to interviewing a giant in the music scene like Tommy Lee.

Instead of pointing out Tommy’s long list of achievements, we decided to find out a few things about the man that we didn’t already know and haven’t read in previous interviews. He is currently touring with DJ Aero and will be hitting Australia in April at the Climate Music festival. Despite his wild lifestyle and huge celebrity status he still remains incredibly down to earth and kindly put his time aside for a quick chat with the Crooked Crew in Aus.


Shock Mansion: G’day mate

Tommy Lee: how ya goin mate!?!?!?

Shock Mansion: So dude, you are heavily tattooed. Do you currently have a favorite piece and do you have any plans for more?

Tommy Lee: oh shit!!!… that’s hard cause they’re all my faves, but if I have to choose…….my whole tribal back piece is killer!! As far as new ones go im starting to finish both legs soon!!!!

Shock Mansion: We have seen many photos of you grasping a cold bottle of Jagermeister, what is your best hangover cure?

Tommy Lee: A good fuck in the morning and a Coca Cola!!!…always works!!


Shock Mansion: What other business ventures are you up to at the moment besides your music?

Tommy Lee: I’m about to shoot a new TV show with hip hop star Ludacris!! Its a cool show about bringing awareness to out planet mother earth and keeping her GREEN!!!! Its gonna be wild and informative!!

Shock Mansion: Are you looking forward to coming back to Australia on tour, and what can the fans look forward to?

Tommy Lee: Waaaaaaay pumped!! God I love it there!!….i’ll be there a lot this year!…me and my partner DJ Aero will be Djing at:

Apr 5 2008 8:00P Climate Festival Melbourne
Apr 6 2008 10:00P Climate Music Festival Sydney
Apr 12 2008 10:00P Climate Music Festival Brisbane

Then I’ll be back there later this year with Motley Crue on our world tour!!!

Shock Mansion: You are on a blind date and it turns out the chick has a few loose screws. How do you escape?

Tommy Lee: Hahaha!! That’s when I bring in my stunt double!…haha just kidding! ;) I’ll say that I gotta take a leak and that I’ll be right back….blam!! GONE!

Shock Mansion: You have been around the world, are there any places you suggest we visit before we die?

Tommy Lee: Bora Bora in Tahiti!!….that my friend is Gods country!! Wow!!


Shock Mansion: What album is in your CD player at the moment?

Tommy Lee: Our new shit is retarded!! Its some grimy filthy electro!!! Its 4 DJ’s Me, Aero,Deadmau5,Steve Duda its a project we just finished in my studio called WTF? (what the fuck) check it out here……

Shock Mansion: Do you wash your t-shirts normally or inside out?

Tommy Lee: I don’t wash em!….my housekeeper does! ;)

Shock Mansion: When it comes to females on tour, are you a tits or an arse man?

Tommy Lee: BOTH!!! God bless the girls girls girls!!!

Shock Mansion: Two for one dude, what’s in your pockets right now, and what cars are currently in your garage?

Tommy Lee: A pack of Winston lights and a Bic lighter!! I drive a Mercedes CLS 55 AMG!! And a custom Harley Davidson chopper!!!


Shock Mansion: Any final words for your Aussie fans before you arrive?

Tommy Lee: I cant get there soon enough!!!…looking forward to rockin down under mates!!

Shock Mansion: Rad dude, thank you so much for your time, you’ll have to drop past the Crooked Headquarters and pick up some threads while down under.

Tommy Lee: Absofuckinlutley!!! Cheers!!!!

Tommy Lee
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