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We recently caught up with the owners of Freestyle Magazine Ross & John to find out how business was going and how the future is looking.

Shock Mansion: Hey dudes, for all the people out there that haven’t been reading Freestyle, give us a quick run down about your magazine?

Freestyle Magazine: Freestyle is a new lifestyle mag based around the Australian and New Zealand Automotive scene. Basically all the cool shit in the scene we publish, whether is a ground scraping Lolo, custom chopper, or even rare as exotics such as Lamborghini’s. What ever we think is worth a feature we run it. We also have a lot of music with interviews and photo shoots with some of the illest musicians from around the globe as well as local acts. Our fashion section is always jam packed with the freshest gear from clothing, kicks to accessories. We also have a lot of lifestyle features such as tattoo photo shoots, and artist profiles. Freestyle is the way for Automotive lifestyle magazines.

Shock Mansion: So you seem to travel around the country a fair amount, where are you heading next?

Freestyle Magazine: Yeah we travel quite a bit, especially nationally to promote the magazine and to search for some dope features. We are always looking for the next feature that fits the magazine perfectly. We recently got back from New Zealand where we were there to launch the magazine. Our next trip will be to Thailand, which will be around April. We have the magazine printed over there so we visit Bangkok about 4 times a year. It’s all business but it’s also a chance to take a break and relax on the beach. Gotta love the perks of international trade.


Shock Mansion: Can you give us a heads up about the newest coming issue, what should we expect?

Freestyle Magazine: Volume 4 is the next issue which is due to hit the streets in early April. I won’t ruin the surprise but I can give a few insights. We have once again delivered some absolutely insane rides including a Honda Accord wagon that has had a full uni-body treatment on it. It’s a first in the Australian scene. We caught up with Masta Ace when he was here for his Australian tour. We did a crazy shoot with him on Sydney Airport with a private jet, Ferrari, and Maserati. How we lined that up I’m still questioning.

Shock Mansion: I know you love getting tattooed, what do you have at the moment?

Freestyle Magazine: Yeah I have a bit of ink, nothing huge yet. I have a 3/4 sleeve that is Japanese themed, with a dragon, phoenix, roses, and lotus’s. It’s all grey shading. I also have a fair sized cross on the back spine.

Shock Mansion: It’s Saturday night and you are looking to unwind after a long arse week, what’s your poison?

Freestyle Magazine: Damn, what’s my poison, to be honest, which may seem hella boring to most of you, id hit the gym and relieve some stress, come home and crack open a case of Coronas and just chill.

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Shock Mansion: What CD is playing in your car at the moment?

Freestyle Magazine: ‘Gangsta Boogie’. This is a compilation CD we received from one of the record labels. It’s all the original tracks that artists such as Dre, Snoop and Tupac sampled of.

Shock Mansion: Apart from Crooked Uniform ‘wink’ how else do you keep yourself looking fresh?

Freestyle Magazine: Haha, yeah we are always rocking CU, but we also represent Dickies. We have a sponsorship with them and collaborative merchandise line so we rock that pretty hard. Im into my kicks, so you would usually see me is a pair of OG Clydes, Air Max’s, Jordan, or chillin’ in my black chucks.

Shock Mansion: Do you wash your clothing normally or inside out?

Freestyle Magazine: Normally

Shock Mansion: The planet is being attacked by flesh eating zombies; tell us your favourite weapon of choice?

Freestyle Magazine: Any machine gun. The thought of spraying some zombies would be fun.


Shock Mansion: Now that Freestyle Magazine has stamped its authority in the game, what would be your next ultimate business venture?

Freestyle Magazine: Through our contacts internationally id like to bring some cool shit we haven’t got in OZ. various aftermarket car parts, clothing etc. things that we can put our name on and promote under the Freestyle name.

Shock Mansion: Lastly, can you tell us how often Freestyle Magazine comes out and where people can find it?

Freestyle Magazine: Freestyle magazine is released bi-monthly from all newsagents and Borders Book stores from Australia and New Zealand.

Cheers for your time boys.

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